Dundee Hills Wines

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Our Armstrong and Royal Potcake Vineyards are rooted in the highly sought-after volcanic Jory soil located on both sides of The Dundee Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley.

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Parisian-born Isabelle Dutartre has been making wine professionally for more than 40 years since studying winemaking at the University of Bourgogne.

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Meet Our Potcake
of the Month - Goombay

Goombay is a Potcake from Nassau Bahamas! My family has been vacationing to Nassau ever since I was 3 years old (I am 33 now!), it's our second home! I took my fiance down with us for the first time in April 2022. I have a friend from highschool that helps out with Potcake Puppy Palace and connected me with the caretakers there. My mom and I went to visit when we were down there and helped out with all the puppies. We also brought with us a bunch of carriers, food etc. from what people donated through Amazon. Since it's hard to get Amazon packages down there we were able to help bring them resources they needed. During our time there, I had organized with the Palace to be a flight angel for two really cute potcake brother and sister! A few days later, we met at the airport and we flew home with these two loves. Although we only fostered for a couple weeks, I was so sad to let them go. They were adopted to lovely homes so that made me feel better, but it confirmed I needed a pup. Nearly a month later, my friend from high school sent me a photo of a pup that was coming to Boston but his foster fell through...I took one look and was like this is my puppy...We picked him up mid May and the rest was history...My husband and I were getting married that July so it was a lot to figure out, but he helped calm my anxiety and depression I struggle with. He was so calm and imprinted on me the moment I brought him home. I named him Goombay because of my love and history with Nassau. He is mixed with 19 different breeds and filled with SO MUCH personality. We recently connected with his sister, Destiny that still lives in The Bahamas and we What's App daily (Goombay and Destiny are TWINS!) Hoping one day they can meet! Goombay is the light of our lives and he is a Boston Boy now. Although, he may miss the Caribbean beaches, we have a beach right down the street and it's his favorite place to go! His fave toy are sticks and will dissect any stuffed animal you give him. He loves his best doggy friends and loves people even more. He loves his big brother (adopted black lab who is 13!) and loves chasing squirrels and bunnies! Goombay Smash D'Amico saved me emotionally every since May 2022 and without going and taking those two angels home in April, I would have never received that text in May asking to help out with Gooms (formally know as Mai Tai haha) Anyways, please see some cute cute pics of Goomies <3 Potcakes for life -Ariana D'Amico

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