Donate to Future Spay and Neuter Clinics

Mobile spay and neuter clinics are the most effective solutions for the Island of Andros since there are ZERO veterinary hospitals available. Yearly, we team up with non-profit organizations like BAARK, Potcakes of Andros, and local volunteers to help maintain the Island’s animal population. When medical intervention isn’t available, many puppies and kittens are born into starvation, develop deadly diseases, and experience painful deaths. The good news is we are here to help many animals avoid these unnecessary deaths and severe suffering, but we need your support!

Besides the spay and neuter procedure, animals receive vaccinations, de-wormer, food, water, and any additional needed treatments.

March 2022 – 126 lives saved

January 2020 – 99 lives saved

December 2019 – 31 lives saved


Ready for a Potcake companion?

As always, we continue to search for the appropriate home to suit each dog and its future family. We can answer your questions about future adoptions or details about a dog you saw available through Facebook messenger, email, or phone.

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We thank you for your support!