The Armstrong Vineyard

Originally planted in 1998, this vineyard overlooks the first-ever vines planted in Oregon by the famous David Lett of Eyrie vineyards and is located on Breyman Orchards Rd in Dayton. The Vineyard  sits on a south-facing hillside at 430 feet elevation and is further blessed by the ideal climatic and Jory soil conditions found in this portion of the Dundee Hills AVA. We acquired this vineyard in 2013, and it has been producing extraordinary wines since 2001. The beginning productions from this vineyard were made in limited quantities of a few hundred cases per year under the previous label Saga Hills. The remainder of the grapes were sold to local wineries. As the vines matured and the roots ran deeper, the wines regularly earned acclaim and high ratings and were well received by those who managed to obtain them. The Armstrong vineyard consists exclusively of Pinot Noir Dijon clones 777, 114, and 115.


Blocks and Clones

Located on Breyman Orchards Road

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Neighbor Vineyard

The Royal Potcake Vineyard

Also within the Dundee Hills AVA, we purchased a beautiful piece of excellent vineyard land and called it the Royal Potcake Vineyard.  This land used to be a decades-long cherry tree orchard that was now no longer in use.  This vineyard is located on Worden Hill Road in Newberg, Oregon. We began planting this vineyard in 2017 out of admiration for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in this appellation, with a final total of 17 acres planted by 2020. These new roots live in predominantly red volcanic Jory soil. Pinot noir derived from these ancient volcanic basalt soil showcases those desirable red fruits and spice flavors you find in Dundee wines. 

Soon you will be able to visit this vineyard and enjoy an unforgettable wine tasting experience you’ve never had before! Check back for details about our building progress. We hope to see you in our tasting room no later than 2023!



Blocks and Clones

Located on Worden Hill Road

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Our vision is clear

Our intent is to bring to bottle the finest Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sparkling wines possible. As our team of agricultural specialists tends to our vineyards, we continue to work with the renowned winemaker whose expertise is well known. Isabelle Dutartre has been garnering acclaim for Oregon wines for many decades.

We Like to let Nature Do its Thing

Dry farming allows our grapevines to gather ample yet modest amounts of climate elements and compounds. The perfect balance within the well-drained soil, topographical features, rootstock, natural precipitation, and elevation is a formula for prime grape growing. You will find each vintage has a diverse story based on that year’s variable weather conditions. These weather fluctuations distinctively influence the fruit’s characteristics, making each year an enjoyable surprise and each vintage of wine uniquely special.

See You Soon

We will soon be offering multiple releases, including exquisite sparkling and some special reserve limited-edition cases from both of our Estate vineyards. We also look forward to inviting you to our tropical oasis for wine tasting on Worden Hill Road in the near future.


Giving back has never tasted finer.

Make a difference simply by enjoying our Dundee Hills wines from Willamette Valley. Each purchase helps make an impact for the Potcake community.