Potcake of the Month Contest

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March Feature


Miles is a true Potcake, he loves to toss himself on his back, belly exposed, and roll around. He does this while at the dog park, in the morning on the bed, in front of my parent’s Chiweenie, and just about anywhere else. “Potcakes gotta Potcake” I’ll exclaim! Miles LOVES our Saturday hike with friends. He’ll start whimpering the second he knows where we are going and by the time we get there is a ball of excitement. He’s great off-leash with recall but will bulldoze or jump over anything in his way at full speed, so he stays on a leash when other people and small pups are around. Miles isn’t a cuddler but he is very protective of me and our home. In the mornings after I wake up, he will lay curled up against my legs before moving from the bed to the sofa in the living room. I adore Miles and his companionship is everything to me. I will be forever thankful to the people who worked hard to get him to me.


February Feature

Meet Cayman

This is my boy, Cayman. He came into my life almost 12 years ago. I decided to name him Cayman after the Cayman Islands. I thought it would be fitting since he came from the Tropical Islands.

He is 100% a momma’s boy. Almost 3yrs ago, I moved out, and whenever I would facetime my parents, he would recognize my voice and run straight to the front door anytime he heard, “Where’s your momma?”

Some of his favorite things are hide and seek, which he always sniffs me out within minutes, going on walks, treats given by my little niece and nephews every time they come to visit, chasing momma around the house, and a select few stuffed animals that he guards with his life.

Some of his least favorite things are when someone other than him play fights with me or when there’s no hint of people food in his breakfast or dinners. He won’t touch it!

His favorite place to sleep is in our hall closet and under my parent’s bed or up on the couch when no one is home, haha. We love him so much!


January Feature

Meet Bimini

The story of how Bimini and Fritter were rescued and came into our lives is one of my favorite stories to tell. My friend Ashley and I had been staying at the Marina named Morgan’s Bluff in Nicholls Town for nearly five days when we found two puppies abandoned on an old shipping vessel. These poor puppies had no food, no water, and were very scared! Ashley, Fritter’s adopted pet mom, and I knew right away that we were meant to find them, and they were meant to find us. After they began to feel safe with us, it was love from that point on. So we decided to bring them back home to Florida. I remember calling my soon-to-be husband and saying, “Babe, so I brought home something. Well… more than something, it’s a puppy, and I named her Bimini!”. At the time, he was also weeks away from adopting our other dog, Chipper. So before we knew it, we were mom and dad to two puppies, who quickly became best friends. Bimini and Chipper now live spoiled, comfortable lives with my husband and me and our three kids. Bimini is quirky and sometimes shy, but she’s an excellent pet. She rarely acts up, but when she does, I jokingly remind her that she’s living the good life now as an American and could otherwise be foraging for crabs and trash off the beaches. Haha, I think she loves her life with us, and we love her.”

Giving back has never tasted finer.

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