Dundee Hills Wines

from Willamette Valley

Our Armstrong and Royal Potcake Vineyards are rooted in the highly sought-after volcanic Jory soil located on both sides of The Dundee Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley.

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Parisian-born Isabelle Dutartre has been making wine professionally for more than 40 years since studying winemaking at the University of Bourgogne.

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Meet Our Potcake
of the Month - Otis

Otis was rescued after Category 5 Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Our caretaker saved him, his sister, and his brother in Lowe Sound on North Andros, Bahamas, just before the hurricane blew through, destroying most homes. We were in Oregon watching the Category 5 hurricane on the weather channel as it made landfall on our island. When the storm passed, we loaded our plane, picked up another girl in Texas who wanted to help, and headed to Florida for supplies. When we arrived, we gave food and medical attention to these three tiny puppies. After making several trips back and forth with chainsaws, tarps, supplies, and food to help aid the locals, we headed back to Oregon. Otis wasn’t doing so well. He was one pound and so sick that he could not eat. He had to receive an IV daily, be force-fed, and have him sleep in our bed at night. He slept on Roy’s neck every night for the first week. After careful nurturing, Otis, his sister named Rizzo, and his brother named Rocco were finally healthy. When I asked my husband if we could keep Otis, he said, “I would not be allowed to foster anymore if I couldn’t give him up.” Well, guess who ended up wanting to keep him? And he still sleeps in our bed! We are so happy to have Otis a part of the pack. He is a great help when we foster other puppies, taking them under his wing and teaching them new things. However, we love him even more for his expressive qualities. At times, he shares his opinions through amusing snorts, huffs, and sneezes. He is full of personality, and we adore him for it!

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