Dundee Hills Wines

from Willamette Valley

Our Armstrong and Royal Potcake Vineyards are rooted in the highly sought-after volcanic Jory soil located on both sides of The Dundee Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley.

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Parisian-born Isabelle Dutartre has been making wine professionally for more than 40 years since studying winemaking at the University of Bourgogne.

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Meet Our Potcake
of the Month - Penny

Penny came from Andros, Bahamas. She was found in a marina called Morgan’s Bluff with three of her pups and was also pregnant with thirteen more. Today she lives with two other dogs, Teddy and Ellie Mae, chickens, goats, and a cat. She’s a couch potato but loves to rough house with Teddy. She’s goofy, sweet, and the protector of the house. Penny was a fence jumper when she first came to us, but now she would rather figure out where the food is, and boy does she love food! She was still thin when she came to me, but now she’s going on a diet! Penny loves to sit in the kitchen during dinner time looking for any type of scraps, and she’s even grabbed play-doh that fell. There is nothing she hasn’t tried to grab if it falls. Penny loves to go on walks and likes to swim. She’s a great travel buddy. Penny has traveled with the family all the way from Florida to Maine. She loves the cooler weather and running through the woods. We love her to pieces and are very happy to have provided her with a home! -Rachel

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