Dundee Hills Wines

from Willamette Valley

Our Armstrong and Royal Potcake Vineyards are rooted in the highly sought-after volcanic Jory soil located on both sides of The Dundee Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley.

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Parisian-born Isabelle Dutartre has been making wine professionally for more than 40 years since studying winemaking at the University of Bourgogne.

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Meet Our Potcake
of the Month - Mello

Mello was my first Potcake and I got him when I worked on a US Navy project on Andros Island Bahamas. One of my friends, Suzy, asked me if I wanted a dog and I told her yes. Then she said there are 3 and you have to take them all. I wasn't going to be able to take all of them so I spoke to some other friends and we each took one of the pups. Mello knew and loved everybody he met on Andros and his favorite thing was to go down to the beach. This photo is from when he was old and we had moved to Virginia. We lost him a number of years ago when he was 23 years old but we had a great life together and I have had potcakes since. - Mike Parker

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