Wines for Royal Bahamian Potcakes

As a family-owned winery in Dundee, Oregon, Potcake Cellars crafts Willamette Valley wines with intention. Our wines are made to give back to the Royal Bahamian Potcakes, the native dogs of the Bahamas. Our mission is to care for these animals, humanely control their populations, and connect people with Potcakes.

Potcake Cellars Wines and Vineyard



With a lifelong love of animals, Roy and Sondra Armstrong are committed to helping Potcakes, the population of indigenous dogs that roam the islands of the Bahamas. As the two behind the Potcake Cellars story, they live full-time in the Dundee Hills on their Potcake Estate Vineyard. They also live part of their year on Andros Island of the Bahamas, where they have held clinics, adoptions, and fundraises for Caribbean animals. They spend their time cruising blue waters, going on fishing excursions, and sipping Pinot, all with their furry family members at their side.

With a love for the world of wine and the Willamette Valley, Roy and Sondra wanted to find a way to make a difference for these island dogs so they created beautiful wines to help tell the Potcake Story. They’re the biggest fans of their winemaker, Isabelle Dutartre, who crafts Potcake Cellars wines with a Burgundian-style – unique, balanced and remarkable.

Their wines bring people and Potcakes together, while simultaneously facilitating adoptions and providing care for wild Potcakes with their wines’ proceeds.


Our Willamette Valley wines are made with the intention to help the indigenous dogs of the Bahamas. With every bottle, our proceeds will go back to raising awareness around Potcakes, humanely controlling their over-population, and finding each Potcake a loving home.


Rooted in the iron-rich Jory soil of the famous Dundee Hills AVA in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our Potcake Estate vineyard has been producing Pinot Noir since 2001. We acquired the vineyard in 2014, and continue to produce high quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Since day one, our vineyard practices have been thoughtful and sustainable. It’s important for us to stay close to the vines, so we can respond to what they need and when they need it. Our vineyard is 20-acres with a south facing slope overlooking the first ever vines planted by the famous David Lett.

Our idea of Potcake Cellars was born, and we dedicated our vineyard to Potcakes. Opportunities like this are the chance of a lifetime, and we believe there is magic here. The Dundee Hills in the Willamette Valley is one of the most magical places on earth. We’re so glad to share these special wines with you and help our fur friends at the same time.

We also planted Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in 2018 at our new Potcake Vineyard site on Worden Hill Rd.


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