Dundee Hills Wines

from Willamette Valley

Our Armstrong and Royal Potcake Vineyards are rooted in the highly sought-after volcanic Jory soil located on both sides of The Dundee Hills AVA within the Willamette Valley.

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Parisian-born Isabelle Dutartre has been making wine professionally for more than 40 years since studying winemaking at the University of Bourgogne.

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Meet Our Potcake
of the Month - Gus

I rescued Gus in 2017 when he was a small pup. I flew to Florida to meet him for the first time and take him home. As soon as I got to hold the little guy, I immediately fell in love and knew the rest of the family was going to be happy about our new addition. Gus is a very happy boy who loves meeting new people. He loves getting the chance to ride in the car to get a pup cup from Diary Queen and always looks forward to daily walks. We are so happy to have rescued a Potcake and would do so again! - Jackie

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